Alpha Bees Childcare

Our Philosophy

We at Alpha Bees Childcare aim to provide a safe, stimulating and fun place for children to learn and grow. Alpha Bees Childcare's environment is clean, comfortable and secure. The staff offer warm consistent care to teach and nurture children in a loving, respectful manner. We believe that parents are the first & most important teachers and caregivers in their children's lives. Although we believe parents' views are respected and valued, children benefit from the open communication, cooperation and support between parents and teachers. Hence, our goal is to meet the needs of the parents and children and to enrich each child's emotional well-being and cognitive stimulation through the child's daily routines, physical care, activities and interactions.

Furthermore, we believe each child develops and learns differently within his or her abilities, skills and qualifications. We also consider that families are different based on their unique personalities that come from various backgrounds. Therefore, our mission is to welcome every family respectfully and equally. We treat all children with respect and dignity and allow them the freedom to grow at their own rate. Educators support the children in their learning process and develop program plans in which care and education are combined. They provide individual ways for children to learn by planning activities that nurture their curiosity and support and increase their abilities, and help children find creative solutions to problems.

We believe a child who:

We believe a child who:

Children are encouraged to make choices and decisions wherever possible. We believe that our job, as caregivers, is to provide the children with the experiences and environment in which they are safe to explore and create; knowing that they will be successful.

Alpha Bees Childcare is dedicated to helping your child to explore and to promote his or her social and intellectual development, and gain self esteem and confidence while respecting each child as an important and unique individual.